okay why do i just realise this????

hayama is pointing at his eyes….is he asking what happen to akashi heterochromatic eyes????

and akashi was like ‘what are you talking about,it is red’

Shelter || @noblessedenightingale


   Akashi felt surprised when the female told the caretaker to leave, surprised and yet very much relieved by the fact that he wouldn’t be anywhere near the man anymore. If there was a pro about getting away from this shelter, then it was most likely the fact that he would be getting away from him. He wasn’t much of a caretaker either way, if anything the man made it his mission to make life worse for the pets here in the shelter – finding amusement in torturing them more. Akashi didn’t want any of that.

Relaxing when the man left, he let out a small breath and closed his eyes, feeling exhausted even with such little movement and action because of the small portions of food they were served. It was enough to survive though, and he was grateful to even be fed in the first place – it didn’t mean that it did anything good for his health, and he had most likely lost some pounds too many whilst being with his former owner and now in the shelter.

Seeing Wenhe crouch down once more, he soon removed his mismatching hues from the retreating man and onto her form, his dual colored orbs still analyzing her every moments – wary of her yet not as wary as he was with anybody else. She had only helped him so far, so it was looking very positive – yet he didn’t allow himself to hope that much.


Shivering lightly, he did his best to make the blanket cover most of his body – heterochromatic eyes continuing to stare straight at Wenhe as he did so – the action something rather bold yet also hinted at a former life where he had been proud and confident. Right now he was anything but though, fearing and being wary of even the slightest of wrong moves – his body always on guard, even when he slept.

Offering a nod of his head, he took a small moment before speaking up. “Buying clothes when we get… h-home is fine. Being alone is not a problem,” he started out, the word ‘home’ hard for him to say, having been taught over and over that he wasn’t allowed to think of anything as his home – it was only his master’s home, but never his own or anything he was valuable enough to be part of.

"I don’t mind you choosing as long as I get the blanket," his voice a mere mutter as he moved to stand once more, slow strides moving him carefully closer to her smaller form. He knew that he wouldn’t like going out in public anywhere soon, so the fact that she would buy him clothes would be more than fine. Holding the blanket close around him, he took a hesitant step out of the cell before glancing at her. "… What now?"

There was a warmth in her chest that couldn’t help but boast with a mix of pride and glee that she was able to Seijūrō to come home with her. It was a nice thought, to be able to walk through her door and spend a night in her new abode without that eerie and ever nagging feeling of being completely on her own. It was what fueled the fire of her smile and lit up her eyes, and as he stepped towards her without her beckoning it made her even happier. He gave her his name without too much of a prompt, he spoke and answered despite the moments of silence…

He was standing before her.

Looking up now instead of down, realizing that he stood a good foot above her, the ravenette thought about his question and put a finger to her cheek thoughtfully. The choice was her’s, so long as he could keep his blanket. Well, at the very least, today might have been exhausting for her new companion as it was. Perhaps the rest of the day to rest should be in order?

"Let’s go back home~ I’m in the mood for some tofu soup, myself~"

Standing at his side rather than in front of Seijūrō, Wenhe turned to the employee she’d dismissed earlier and raised a brow at the fact he seemed to have been lingering at the doorway. Vexation crossed her expression as the princess crossed her arms, the little girl taking the voice of the young woman she really was as her foot tapped lightly against the floor. The aura he gave off irked her, seeing that Seijūrō reacted rather negatively to him and not her despite the fact she’d only been at the shelter for barely an hour.

"I’ve made my choice; are the papers ready for my signing? Before you hand them to me, find my comp— my slave a set of clothes." Ah, that’s right… Despite what she thought of him, what she believed of the species of "slaves" to be something more than a race created for subservience, the majority of society still thought otherwise. For now, it would be better to fit the role of the others who came here for those who lived in the surrounding cages. But, her voice was wavering. Would the caretaker find her a joke, if he knew she had feelings and cared about a slave?

No. You are convincing. Her thoughts were weak in comparison to her apprehensions, though. At the very least, you can keep this facade up just until the two of you get out.

Clearing her throat and casting a small, but fully apologetic glance up to Seijūrō. “I…”

Steady your voice. Straighten your back.

"I do not wish to walk these streets with people knowing how poor this place upkeeps itself and its slaves. I was under the impression the government took enough care of their little pets to at least grant a set of clothes and a proper meal to not make their ribs poke out." Good, yes, apply what should be obvious to those who supposedly are learned. Perhaps I should put in a word that your funding is going elsewhere and set up this place for investigation, for closure?”

Not another word, and silence. The caretaker left, and her straight stature and confidence seeped back into the shadows, Wenhe exhaling a deep breath and placing a hand to her chest.

"… Acting like my age and social class is much more difficult than I expected, Sei-tan…"



And cue her staring rather apprehensively at the crimson on his finger. That certainly didn’t smell like ketchup. “M-Mou, i-it’s okay… “


"Eeh? Are you sure?" He grinned and licked the red off his own finger, "Weren’t you curious?"


And cue a little squirm from the smaller second year. “Er… Curiosity killed the cat.” That was a terribly weak argument, but what was she to do? Surely it was obvious that the manager was quite the weak little bun despite coming from a school of emperors and lions.


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